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Product Overview / Details

Dishmachine, door type, high temperature sanitizing, convertible corner or straight (must specify), (57) racks/hour, 3 HP wash pump, .89 gals per rack, auto-start, air-gap fill, auto-fill, drain pump filter, top mounted controls, stainless steel motor panel, stainless steel construction, electric tank heat, longer time cycle available (60 second, 74 racks/hr), 208v/240v, 3-phase, 40 amp

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(Check liftgate weight is 472 lbs)

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  • 60 Months Lease: $214.80
  • 48 Months Lease: $229.75
  • 36 Months Lease: $282.77
  • 24 Months Lease: $392.89
  • 13 Months Lease: $564.19

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